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Green Dreamer: Sustainability and Regeneration From Ideas to Life

Jan 17, 2019

How do aquaponics work and how can this be used to support a more sustainable future in agriculture? What are some environmental issues from the medical cannabis industry that we should know, and how can we best support it to move in a healthier direction?


Sharing his wisdom here is Warren Bravo, the co-founder and CEO of Green Relief. You'll hear about how he pivoted from leading his family business to become the largest cement contracting company in Canada to co-establishing his licensed medical cannabis company; how he developed their aquaponic system to be able to scale sustainable production of the plant; how sterile systems like hydroponics compare to aquaponics and soil-based growth; and more. Let's dive in.



[7:00] How Warren got involved with the medical cannabis industry and sustainable agriculture.

[11:55] Warren: "I learned a long time ago not to sweat over things I can't control."

[12:41] What aquaponics are and how they work.

[15:35] Kamea: "What do we know about the difference between plants or crops grown from sterile systems like hydroponics compared to ones with rich micro-biotic populations?"

[19:05] Warren's biggest struggle in growing Green Relief.

[24:22] Warren shares how to support the medical cannabis industry to be more sustainable and more generally, how to champion sustainable agriculture going forward.



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