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Green Dreamer: Sustainability and Regeneration From Ideas to Life

Jan 22, 2019

In addition to supporting the most established national or international environmental nonprofits, why do we also need to simultaneously support local, small, and community-based organizations? What's the importance of making sure that key decisions, policies, and solutions are made in the presence of people from a diversity of backgrounds?


Sharing her wisdom with us here is Peggy Shepard, Co-founder and Executive Director of WE ACT For Environmental Justice. You'll hear about how grassroots initiatives can lead to meaningful change for citizens; how large environmental organizations differ in their measures of success and focus compared to community-based organizations; how we can support environmental justice as individuals; and more. Let's dive in!



[8:18] Peggy: "The environmental justice movement really coalesced around the fact that low-income communities and communities of color were being targeted for polluting facilities, but not receiving environmental benefits like parks and alternative energy options like solar and natural gas."

[9:23] Peggy: "We believe that the voices of the affected residents are the ones that should take leadership on these issues."

[12:11] Peggy talks about the prevalence of systemic environmental racism in the U.S. that is perpetuated by public policy and the history of inequality.

[24:20] The differences in how large-scale, national nonprofits measure success compared to community-based organizations, and why we cannot overlook supporting the latter.

[27:20] Peggy: "We've got to have a diversity of perspectives because it enriches all of our policies and it enriches our lives."



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