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Green Dreamer: Sustainability and Regeneration From Ideas to Life

Jan 24, 2019

What do we need to know about food waste, and what can we do as individuals to help our communities waste less food? Even though sometimes we may feel, as individuals, like just one person in this massive world, why is our sheer existence so important in helping to shape trends and society?


Sharing his wisdom here is Max La Manna of Eating With Max. You'll hear about how we can inspire those around us to take positive actions for our planet; how we can create a less wasteful food industry; what to know about plant-based foods that can help us feel more connected to our earth; and more. Let's dive in!



[6:45] What inspired Max to become a pioneer as a chef focused on not wasting any food, tackling plastic waste from the food industry, and making plant-based recipes.

[8:53] Max: "I think that's where a lot of creativity lives – in that space of the unknown and in that space of fear."

[9:25] Max's advice on getting over the roadblock of fearing the unknown or fearing what other people think.

[13:20] What Max has done to be able to connect deeply with his audience to inspire positive change.

[15:00] What we need to know about food waste and how we can get our communities to waste less food.

[20:05] Kaméa: "We've become very disconnected as a society from nature, especially as it has to with food... How can we inspire a deeper connection between humans and nature through food?" 

[22:40] At a time when our global meat consumption is still on the rise, what we can do to inspire people to try more plant-based protein and eat less meat.



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