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Green Dreamer: Sustainability and Regeneration From Ideas to Life

Dec 20, 2018

What does it mean that a lot of our current efforts to 'go green' could just be facades or short term solutions that might create another set of unintended problems? How do we deal with the loneliness and rage that might come from having woken up to a lot of our systemic issues which a lot of people around us might still not see?


Our guest on this episode is Ayana Young, a lover and protector of wild nature and the host of For the Wild podcast. Today, she teaches empowered earth stewardship, leads biodiversity enhancement workshops, and facilitates panels across North America with her team. Let's dive in.



[5:12] Ayana: "I think the word 'sustainability' is thrown around way too much. It's become a marketing tool."

[8:30] Ayana: "When you think about 9 billion people all with iPhones, cars, being able to fly airplanes anytime... it really doesn't matter if you plug that into a solar panel or not."

[13:30] Kaméa: "Is this a matter of questioning what progress really means? Because we're headed in a direction that is called growth, but equates with a lot of destruction today."

[14:53] Ayana: "I really believe that creativity is the antidote to destruction."

[27:00] Ayana on how everyone we need everybody on board, and how everyone has a part to play.

[37:18] How Ayana deals with her rage and frustration, knowing she sees things so clearly while most people and especially decision makers may not.


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