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Green Dreamer: Sustainability and Regeneration From Ideas to Life

May 26, 2018

If you're an eco content creator, this is an episode for you! How can we maintain the courage to continually put ourselves out there, knowing that we'll get judged and even hate, at an extreme? How do we balance saying yes out of pure passion, with saying no to not overcommit? In this episode, pioneering sustainable fashion blogger, Natalie Kay of @SustainablyChic, shares her wisdom with us.


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[08:05] What encouraged Natalie to go all in with her sustainable lifestyle blog.

[10:05] Natalie: "Some brands that are big and consider themselves ethical still come to me wanting [free] content, yet they don't want to treat me the same way they treat the people making their clothing."

[12:10] How Natalie deals with cyber bullying and negativity from putting her work out there.

[15:40] Kaméa: "How do you balance saying yes with saying no to not overcommit?"

[19:45] Natalie: "I'm also a very shy person in real life… So when I go on social media, I'm pretty similar."

[20:10] What motivated Natalie to start her new project, Pratique Organique.


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