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Green Dreamer: Sustainability and Regeneration From Ideas to Life

Feb 14, 2019

Given that many young people today are already so passionate about helping to solve our global issues, how can we better engage them and empower them to contribute their unique perspectives and talents? How does engineering tie into this picture of sustainability, and how can engineers best apply their backgrounds and skillset to help further advance our progress towards a healthier future?


Sharing her wisdom here is Brittany Bennett, Executive Director of Engineers for a Sustainable World. You'll hear about the role of engineers in tackling environmental issues, the importance of having young people in leadership positions, the need for policy change and collective action, and more. Let's dive in!



[4:28] How engineers are uniquely positioned to solve environmental problems.

[13:40] Brittany: "One of the greatest things we can do is to combine our power together to create collective action."

[16:51] What Brittany does to stay encouraged when others don't believe in her.

[17:00] Kaméa: "What is the importance of having ideas in leadership from young people and minorities in today's world?"

[19:04] Brittany: "I wish we were more open about our failures as a society." 

[20:52] How we can continue to encourage and motivate young people toward action.


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