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Green Dreamer: Sustainability and Regeneration From Ideas to Life

Feb 21, 2019

How can awareness of sustainability—even if just among a minority group of people—eventually reach a tipping point when it can then create a ripple effect and break into the mainstream? What does it take to create stories and documentaries that leave people feeling deeply inspired, empowered, and moved to action?


Sharing his wisdom here is Jordan Osmond, documentary filmmaker and Co-Founder of Happen Films. You'll hear about why fear may not an effective motivator for sustainable behavioral change, how we can learn from localized and indigenous knowledge, how to inspire and activate people through film, and more. Let's dive in!



[6:46] The difference between using cold facts versus using stories when sharing information and motivating others to take action.

[18:37] Jordan: "There's still time to heal the damage that has been done."

[19:45] Why leading by example may be more effective than trying to force change upon others.

[22:46] What first got Jordan interested in regenerative agriculture. 

[27:06] Jordan: "There is so much knowledge from indigenous cultures... that is sadly being lost but is also being relearned. And that's all permaculture is really. It's nothing new."


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