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Green Dreamer: Sustainability and Regeneration From Ideas to Life

Feb 26, 2019

Why have we parted ways with some traditional but perfectly functional and natural ways of storing food in favor of plastic packaging? Given that companies aren't necessarily held liable for their negative externalities (e.g., waste, pollution, etc.), how can we get them to be voluntarily responsible for their impacts?


Sharing her wisdom here is Sarah Kaeck, Founder of Bee's Wrap. You'll hear about how plastic has made its way into all corners of our modern day lives, why sustainable beekeeping is so important, how to sustainably scale a business that makes a positive impact, and more. Let's dive in!


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[6:35] Kaméa: "Why do you think such a healthy, functional, and practical way of storing food has been lost?"

[9:09] Kaméa: "How can we get companies that make things to think about the long-term impacts since they're not held liable for that?"

[10:43] Sarah shares how she and her team got the idea of Bee's Wrap across to so many people.

[16:31] Kaméa: "Do you think it's possible for a really large company to operate sustainably while supporting a sustainable future at the same time?"

[18:05] Sarah shares the role of beekeeping for sustainability.

[19:36] How can we, as consumers, ensure that the beeswax or honey in what we buy come from sustainably managed hives?


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