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Green Dreamer: Sustainability and Regeneration From Ideas to Life

Mar 21, 2019

How does our mental and emotional wellbeing impact our ability to serve those we love, our communities, and our planet? What is it that actually motivates behavioral change, and what does this mean for us as people wanting to spark positive change in our own lives and the lives of people around us?


Sharing her wisdom here is Dr. Parneet Pal, Chief Science Officer at Wisdom Labs. Let's dive in!


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[9:03] Kaméa: "Across the board, we're experiencing increasing levels of stress, burnout, anxiety, and loneliness. What are the driving forces are behind this negative trend?"

[11:13] How technology affects our mental health.

[19:19] How our daily stress responses can impact our mental and emotional wellbeing and our abilities to think beyond our own good.

[21:15] Parneet talks about what mindfulness is from a scientific standpoint.

[25:25] How practicing mindfulness can lead to more compassion and empathy and in the bigger picture, a less consumptive society.

[27:50] Parneet: "Before we can change the world, we have to start with our own selves."

[30:58] Kaméa: "What exactly does it take to actually change our behaviors and habits?"


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