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Green Dreamer: Sustainability and Regeneration From Ideas to Life

May 31, 2018

What happens when we consciously look beyond mainstream portrayal of reality? And how can we create and innovate in ways that push the needle forward and doesn't just add to info-overload? Here, award-winning, globally exhibited photographer Mukul Bhatia of @FoundinTranslations shares his wisdom with you.


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[02:45] "I was always the odd one out... I knew I saw the world in a different light than what mainstream cinema or media [portrayed]."

[04:30] "There are so many things that are usually lost in translation, but one thing I found in my journey… was receiving kindness [from every place I travelled to].

[05:30] Mukul: "In this Insta-friendly world, most people don't see the journey."

[08:00] Mukul's life-changing realizations from traveling.

[9:45] Mukul: "Humankind is very beautiful in underrated ways… it's only when we see good in ourselves that we grow the good.

[12:10] Mukul: "[Sustainable living] is really not supposed to be guilt-oriented, but mostly for the love for the environment you live in."

[16:20] Keys to Mukul establishing himself as an internationally exhibited photographer.

[20:00] Mukul: "Don't be perfect."


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