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Green Dreamer: Sustainability and Regeneration From Ideas to Life

Jul 26, 2018

What’s the latest research on the health and environmental impacts of sunscreen? How was our guest today able to go from being a hesitant business owner (who didn’t even want to do business in the first place) to a thriving entrepreneur, fueling her business with her passion for wellness and the environment?


Visionary, pioneer, and founder of a leading eco sunscreen brand All Good, Caroline Duell, shares her wisdom with us on this episode.




[2:07] What first got Caroline into sustainability.

[4:11] What led Caroline on the path to making botanical products.

[8:04] Why Caroline was so hesitant to start a business.

[8:43] Caroline: “I kept myself in check. I knew that you could have a really good impact as a company grows.”

[12:14] Caroline: “The right path is not always what might seem to be the best way to go.”

[13:54] Kaméa: “What has been the key to getting All Good’s products distributed and sold in so many major retailers?” 

[14:47] What's led All Good to being a leading sunscreen brand. 

[15:45] What inspired Caroline to start Safe Sunscreen Council.

[18:15] Kaméa: “Do you think it’s more effective to push for policy change or consumer awareness?”

[19:39] Caroline shares some of the latest research on how sunscreen can be damaging to our health and that of the environment.

[21:48] How we as consumers can make sure the sunscreen we’re buying is safe.

[23:06] Kaméa: “How can we as a society become more preventative with environmental issues before it’s too late?


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