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Green Dreamer: Sustainability and Regeneration From Ideas to Life

Jul 28, 2018

What are some key issues in the chocolate industry that we need to know about? When things get tough, how can we stay motivated and just keep pulling through? Founder of bean-to-bar chocolate company Madécasse, Tim McCollum, shares his wisdom with us here.



[6:44] What inspired Tim to start Madécasse.

[7:39] Kaméa: “What was your greatest learning lesson from working in the private sector that you were able to bring to your social enterprise?”

[9:42] The key differences between a traditional chocolate supply chain and Madécasse’s Bean-to-Bar supply chain. 

[11:19] Tim’s thoughts on what targeting the root cause of poverty through chocolate would look like.

[12:49] What we as individuals can do to inspire change from large corporations like Hershey’s.

[14:02] Keys to Madécasse’s success in establishing itself within grocery stores and retailers so far.

[16:37] Tim: “You better believe in what you’re doing. You will go through these amazing swings of euphoria and crashing down, and what keeps you going is the belief in what you’re doing.”

[18:35] Key insights on injustices in the global cocoa industry. 

[20:43] Tim’s thoughts on what we need most to help address poverty and support sustainable development in our world today.


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