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Green Dreamer: Sustainability and Regeneration From Ideas to Life

Aug 30, 2018

Once we've gone down the rabbit hole, digging up all the social, public health, and environmental issues we face today, how do we get ourselves out of there to actually take action and make a difference? Most people already understand and support the idea of 'organic,' which is great... But why is that not enough for sustainability? Why is regenerative agriculture the next big thing to support?


Mari Stuart, ecological designer, teacher, and Founder of Project Grounded, shares her wisdom with us on this episode.



[6:23] What helped Mari to climb out of the rabbit hole of learning about environmental issues.

[19:10] Mari: "We can do better than just organic." 

[19:20] Mari explains the disconnect between people and food as a result of urbanization.

[20:55] The biggest differences between organic farming and regenerative farming.

[22:22] Kaméa: "What can we do as individual consumers to support regenerative farming?"

[25:18] How regenerative farming affects people in urban areas and is not only an environmental issue, but a personal health issue as well.

[26:27] Mari: "There is much more flavor and pleasure in responsibly-grown food."


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