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Green Dreamer: Sustainability and Regeneration From Ideas to Life

Sep 20, 2018

What is the soil-to-soil concept of circularity, and how can this sequester our carbon, enrich our soil, and promote healthier ecosystems? Why is that we have to look past the numbers and findings from our environmental impact assessments in order to really understand sustainability?


Rebecca Burgess, Founder and Executive Director of Fibershed and author of Harvesting Color, shares her wisdom with us on this episode.




[11:03] Rebecca: "If we don't practice by doing, we'll never really understand complexity in the deeper ways that we need to."

[11:35] Rebecca explains what the term "soil-to-soil" means.

[15:44] Kaméa: "What do we know about what happens when toxic fabrics go back into the soil?"

[16:24] Rebecca explains what a 'bio-solid' is.

[17:55] Rebecca discusses the rise of environmental disease and death in humans, including the problem of boys being exposed to too much estrogen in utero because of plastics. 

[21:16] Kaméa: "How do you think we can move forward to shift society's mindset on wanting or expecting cheap clothes?"

[25:11] Kaméa: "How do you stay hopeful and patient—even with this sense of urgency—so that you can keep doing everything you do?"



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