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Green Dreamer: Seeding change towards collective healing, sustainability, regeneration

Nov 24, 2018

Why is it that environmental issues rarely make headlines in mainstream media? What's the importance in providing objective information about sustainability, as opposed to subjective ones?


Georgina Wilson-Powell, the founder of Pebble, a community-focused and mobile-first magazine on a mission to influence consumer change through inspiring advice for sustainable living. Let's dive in.



[4:46] Georgina's thoughts on why sustainability topics often don't make headlines in mainstream media.

[5:01] Georgina: "I was always told that sustainability doesn't sell; it's boring; no one is interested. I just felt in my gut that was wrong..."

[17:45] Kaméa: "Why did you decide to emphasize that Pebble Magazine is mobile-first?"

[20:25] Georgina shares her greatest piece of guidance on how we can tell more engaging stories when it comes to sustainability.

[21:48] Georgina: "We like to say that we're the carrot, not the stick. Because you can't beat people into submission to change their behavior."

[26:57] Georgina's thoughts on inspiring friends and family members to care about sustainability topics


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